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Buhler RoastMaster 20 - Canada
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RoastMaster™20 – the right roasting conditions for delightful coffee flavor.

- User-friendly process control including many parameters and features
- Plug-and-play solution with proven drum roasting technology
- Functional and durable machine design made from high-quality materials



The RoastMaster™20 was designed for small and medium-sized companies who want to use flexible cutting-edge roasting technology for best coffee flavor. The sophisticated proven drum roasting technology in combination with latest state-of-the-art process control results in roasted beans of highest quality with a homogeneous degree of roast from the surface to the core of every single bean.

The Roastmaster™20 produces high quality artisan roasts from a minimum weight of 5kg to a maximum of 20kg, without affecting the cup quality. In addition, the modulating burner and special recipe steps control the hot air temperature, allowing the operator to further optimize the specific coffee flavor of origin - perfect for testing and developing new roasting proprietary recipes, allowing unique flavors to develop.

Easy-to-use state-of-the-art PLC process control
The innovative and user-friendly process control assures highest quality consistency, operational efficiency and safety. The integrated touch screen panel, the temperature monitoring and safety features offer complete control along the entire process. The inlet air and product temperature are permanently surveyed. The recipe management system allows for saving and reloading of the optimal roasting parameters for each application and coffee variety.

Plug-and-play solution with proven drum roasting
The roaster is a real plug-and-play solution and is operational immediately. The two-step burner and the variable drum speed assure an optimal heat transfer to the beans at any point of the roasting process. The flexibility in the roasting profile results in a tailored delightful coffee flavor for each blend. Two separate fans allow for simultaneous roasting and cooling.

Functional and durable machine design
High-quality materials and innovative features assure superior reliability and a long lifetime. The drum design allows for roasting of even small beans. The insulation material and the construction reduce heat losses to a minimum.

 The RoastMaster™20 is ideal for any application such as:

  •  In shop coffee roasting
  •  On demand coffee roasting
  •  Sample coffee roasting
  •  Small batch coffee roasting
  •  Wholesale coffee roasting
  •  Micro coffee roasting

The RoastMaster™20 is easy to install. No matter if you want to roast fresh coffee in your coffee shop, cafe, bistro or grocery store, this roaster will pay for itself in no time.

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